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American men dating punjabi women

Plus, I mean, they’re hot, man, and they know how to converse… *blush* If you’ve attended Pakistani weddings, you already know that Punjabi weddings are unbeatable!

The dances, the food, the gup-shup, the love, the romance – it’s all just so much fun!!

They know just the right things to say, express just the right amount of love and respect, and make your parents their own before even getting their approval!

To your parents, she is a perfect bahu and he is the perfect damad. punjabis are the most inferiority complexed, hypocritical group in the subcontinent.

They claim to be better than their sikh or hindu counterparts, yet still impose the cast slavery system and 90% claim to descend from Afghans, Persians, Turks, Arabs; basically anyone who's better than them.

Please do us a favour and keep this rubbish to yourself.

You can also get to be the bride of a Punjabi wedding if your relationship with your Punjabi guy takes you there.

One thing common in every Punjabi guy is that they have an amazing physique and personality, and most of them look like the cute chocolate boys every girl has a crush on.

Girls who have a thing for broad chest, Punjabis are the guys for you!

Professionally im a Physiotherapist & FLP Business Owner.

I looking for kinda sexy, sweet innocent, fun loving girl to fulfil my fantasy land.


  1. May 29, 2015. If not, here are 15 simple reasons why you should date a Punjabi guy. It's quite an experience to date a Punjabi guy and here are 15 reasons that prove it. 2. They are chivalrous. They are very caring and chivalrous, and know exactly how to make their girl feel special and important. Punjabi guy.

  2. Apr 13, 2011. Should I follow the American protocol because I'm in America or should I follow the Indian protocol, because the guy's Indian? Confuses the. Haha, nice. I'm a Sikh aswell and I trolled my whole family by saying I was dating a spanish girl I was and saying we were gonna get married we would never.

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