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The site is updating now stay tuned English chat room with cam

Still alot more to do as there will still be alot of broken links.

As always, if you have any depression scrip that you want to sell or just want to share, just send me an email anytime.

I have alot of new material to add and will be doing so over the next few months.

But first I need to clean up some errors and broken links that are already here.

There are a lot more notes to add so check back often. I added two new sections, Dividend Coupons and Refund Checks to the Other Scrip page. The MS # refers to the reference # in the Mitchell / Shafer (MS#) book Standard Catalog of Depression Scrip of the US published in 1984.

the site is updating now stay tuned-80the site is updating now stay tuned-61

References & Articles Checklist of known scrip Related 1930's Memorabilia Links Depression scrip was used during the depression era of the 1930's as a substitute for government issued currency.

So bare with me as there are bound to be numerous broken links and missing info during the changeover.

There's alot more to change and add along with two new sections - Play Money and My Hometown Post Cards.

These notes are rarely pictured on the internet or anywhere and this is probably the only place where you can see the full set. I don't think there are any broken links, but if anyone finds any, let me know. I have alot of new pictures to add and lots of ideas to add more content. Updated all of the Modern Local Currency pages to the new format.

There's still alot of the modern scrip that is not pictured.


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  3. The Premiere site about depression money and scrip forms of money from 1900 to present.

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