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Dating brownsville

ON other occasions the employees have seen on the top floor the image of Mr.Ariztia hanging from the balcony ar looking out from the window. La Llorona (The Weeping Woman)wandering around the street at night people says that when she is about to appear lots of strong wind come first.There is a black cat painted on the wall, you can see it easily from the street.There is a rumor that in one hotel of Puebla there was a hospital, there was a very good lady that was very old, she helped patients.

This "puerto" or "mountain view" can be only reached by driving in a very dangerous road at the mountains sorrounding Villa de Santiago.

But one day she was told to quit her job, she went crazy and started to poison all patients.

Then she went to room #525 and killed herself in the bathroom.

Ten hours later a search group went looking for the miners.

But when they got to the cave this mining cart came out but what they found were mutilated bodies and the bones had teeth marks, but these teeth marks did not come from a dog, human, or wolf. When the Spaniards went to Mexico in the 16th century, they build many huge ranches, Pilar ranch was one of them.


  1. Brownsville - Brownsville Cemetery Bloody Hill - There is a story that the cemetery is haunted by an evil spirit that lost his life in a bloody struggle.

  2. THE BROWNSVILLE REPUBLIC BORDER MYTHOLOGY Some of it is true; Most of it is Bullshit. We write about the lives & times of the Mexican Border with.

  3. The two "major" grocery stores in Brownsville that I recall, before Big Star opened in 1965 or so, and he had been a member of the HHS football team.

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