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The photograph of him wearing his cap was taken long after 1916 as men in the trenches started to take the wire stiffener out of their caps at this time as the caps were found to be uncomfortable whilst on active service, it would also have been taken after 1919 when the medals that he is wearing (looks like pip, squeak, and wilfred but I could be wrong) were issued.Both photograph's 1 & 2 show no rank chevron(s) on the upper arm so he would have been a Sapper (Private)/ driver, therefore would predate him getting to the dizzy heights of being a Corporal. I think then the first photo must date from very early in his career 1915/16.The only one I can definitely date is the third, taken in Cairo xmas 1928.He looks younger in the other two so I'm assuming the first was taken during WWI, and the second some time after promotion to corporal.English Bob that's spot on with his Medal Card and his service records.He joined up Oct 1915, and did not go out to France until March 1916, so was not eligable for the 14-15 Star. Richard, Sorry I did not catch the other two photographs that were added to this thread sooner.That's very interesting Don about the hats not being worn in the trenches.The second probably then circa 1920, if he is not yet corporal and the medals are post 1919.

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I had never seen as much as one of him before as he died a few years before my birth, so as you can imagine was delighted.I'm assuming they are also WWI era, but a rough dating and any info on what regiment or division of the army they may have belonged to would of course help enormously in trying to find out exactly who they are. [QUOTE=Richard;1070243]Thanks Roger, James, Don, all most helpful.I think then the first photo must date from very early in his career 1915/16.The four smaller chevrons on his right lower arm are for overseas/length of service (I can never remember which and always get them mixed up).He is also wearing, visable just under the shoulder seam on his arm a formation ensignia of a vertical stripe/bar set in a triangle which came into being on uniforms from mid 1915.Also if the four stripes represent years of foreign service, he left UK for France March 1916 so would have reached four years overseas in 1920, as he stayed on in Europe, in the Rhineland as part of the Allied Occupation Force, perhaps it is taken whilst he was there. Don, don't wish to appear cheeky, but could I possibly ask you to take a look at another two photos?These were also with the photos of my great grandfather, we believe they may be of either my great grandfather or my great grandmothers brothers, but have no more info than that.However the first of these two show a Private wearing a good conduct stripe on his lower left arm and there appears to be a dark area on his lower right arm above the cuff area which could be some form of ensignia.Other than it being before 1924 when this photograph was taken and that he is not wearing cloth puttees around his trousers.Included were some pictures of him during his army career.I sent off to the Mod earlier this year and recieved his service records, so I know he was in the Royal Engineers, joined up aged 19 in 1915.


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  3. Feb 12, 2008. Great Grandfather - Help with dating Uniforms Royal Engineers. A cousin of my fathers was very kind enough to send me several photographs of my paternal great grandfather this week. I had never seen as much as one of him before as he died a few years before my birth, so as you can imagine was.

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