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An historical marker next to the nearby Crystal Inn marks the almost forgotten phenomena which had farmers, geologists, and fortune hunters scurrying into the woods with picks and shovels in hopes of hauling out giant crystals that were reputedly fetching thousands of dollars even a 150 years ago!The fact that such a high value was placed on some of these specimens made it necessary to keep much of the discoveries a secret, and there really is no documentation of what all was found and how much was carted away.He observed that fluorite emitted a blue glow when illuminated with visible light "beyond the violet end of the spectrum." Fluorite can fluoresce if held in sunlight then moved into the shade where noticeable color change can be seen .Fluorite emits a blue-violet color under short wave and long wave light.

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The term "fluorescence" originates from a discovery by George Gabriel Stokes in 1852.The fact that has often been shared with me is that Orange County is a geologists' treasure trove yet the largest collection of rocks and minerals from this area is actually at the Ecole des Mines in Paris, France.Recently, Glenn and his wife Karen travelled to Paris to present some samples from their recent finds in Amity to the School of Mines, and they have been extremely generous with donations to a number of universities and museums across the country.It is a means for reconnecting with both place and people.It invites the sharing of stories of the distant as well as the recent past. | Relationship Chemistry Predictor | Relationship Needs Assessment Or, take our new psychological assessment that will tell you what you really want versus what you say you want.This blog is a forum for those who claim Warwick, NY as their hometown as well as those who have had experiences there that they wish to share.The crystalline structure of some minerals cause them to glow.Crystals temporarily absorb a small amount of light and an instant later release a small amount of it in a different wavelength.Certainly, this new discovery is evidence of the breadth of discoveries that may have proceeded it.Less than 30 feet from Glenn's own home there is a huge pit that I visited with my son Gabe, who slid to the bottom and got his share of mud and water now filling its bottom.


  1. Hometown Warwick, NY Blog. Edenite and Clintonite dating to Grenville Age. Smith had received information that the university would eventually be de.

  2. Local news for Warwick, NY continually updated from thousands of sources on the web.

  3. Warwick, NY. Beverly Anne. Olivia Haberzettl and Lexi Ray Smith. She found out a lot of information and discovered family dating back to the days.

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