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The report Access All Areas finds that 30% of the 161 MEPs who left politics for other employment were employed by organisations which were registered on the EU Transparency Register at the start of 2017.

At the same time, the report found that 15 out of 27 Commissioners who finished their service in 2014 entered employment with organisations on the EU lobby register after the end of their 18-month cooling-off period.

Amakudari is the institutionalized practice where Japanese senior bureaucrats retire to high-profile positions in the private and public sectors.

The practice was increasingly viewed as corrupt and a drag on unfastening the ties between private sector and state which prevent economic and political reforms.

Amakudari is widespread in many branches of the Japanese government but is currently subject to government efforts to regulate the practice.

Pressure to reduce amakudari retirement to corporations may be leading to an increase in bureaucrats retiring to other public sector organisations instead.

Amakudari may also be a reward for preferential treatment provided by officials to their new employers during their term in the civil service.

Some government organisations are said to be expressly maintained for the purpose of hiring retiring bureaucrats and paying them high salaries at taxpayers' expense.

Here are details for a few sample jurisdictions:- In Australia, this is of significant public debate as many state leaders have become private consultants for corporations. According to a report by Transparency International - EU Office, which analysed the career paths of 485 former Members of the European Parliament and 27 former European Commissioners, the revolving door phenomenon is present at the EU level as well.Political scientists have identified amakudari as a central feature of Japan's political and economic structure.The practice is thought to bind private and public sector in a tight embrace and prevent political and economic change.His appointment as an executive director of a subsidiary of a land developer led to allegations of collusion of interests and delayed interests.He resigned after two weeks, and the territory's Legislative Council had, for years, an inquiry into the matter.Industry, in turn, hires people out of government positions to gain personal access to government officials, seek favorable legislation/regulation and government contracts in exchange for high-paying employment offers, and get inside information on what is going on in government.The lobbying industry is especially affected by the revolving door concept, as the main asset for a lobbyist is contacts with and influence on government officials.A series of scandals in the mid-1990s focused the media spotlight on amakudari.In the 1994 general contracting (zenekon) scandal, corruption was uncovered among bureaucrats associated with building contractors, leading to the jailing of high-ranking politician Shin Kanemaru for tax evasion.The appointment of Leung Chin-man as executive director of New World China Land in 2008 led to much controversy.Leung was previously a senior civil servant and administrative officer in charge of lands.


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