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A persona named 'Hermaphroditus' appears in the film Fellini Satyricon as a childlike, physically weak god who is able to heal human supplicants afflicted by various ailments but apparently unable to heal him/herself.Hermaphroditus is not mentioned in the original Petronius novel Satyricon, on which Fellini's film is loosely based.The phallic god Priapus was the son of Hermes by some accounts and the youthful god of desire Eros of Ares and Aphrodite. At the age of fifteen, he grew bored with his surroundings and traveled to the cities of Lycia and Caria.It was in the woods of Caria, near Halicarnassus (modern Bodrum, Turkey) that he encountered the nymph, Salmacis, in her pool.She was overcome by lust for the boy, who was very handsome but still young, and tried to seduce him, but was rejected.When he thought her to be gone, Hermaphroditus undressed and entered the waters of the empty pool.


Diodorus Siculus in his work Library of History mention, that some say that Hermaphroditus is a god and appears at certain times among men, but there are some who declare that such creatures of two sexes are monstrosities, and coming rarely into the world as they do have the quality of presaging the future, sometimes for evil and sometimes for good. cit.) further identified this divinity, at whose sacrifices men and women exchanged garments, with the Moon.

According to Ovid, he was born a remarkably handsome boy with whom the water nymph Salmacis fell in love and prayed to be united forever.

A god, in answer to her prayer, merged their two forms into one and transformed them into an androgynous form.

The passage IX.317 is in dialogue form, based on the dialogue between Hermaphroditus and Silenus.

The latter claims that he has had sexual intercourse with Hermaphroditus three times.


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