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When you open the CAML Designer, you will see that there are 2 buttons on the ribbon now: one for CAML Query and one for Site Data Query. You can execute site data queries with the server-side object model using SPSite Data Query.

As there is no alternative for web services and client-side object model, this button is disabled when logging on other then with the server-side object model. I did not do this alone this time, I co-developed the tool with Andy Van Steenbergen, one of my friends at the BIWUG board.

Complete documentation on the CAML Designer 2013 can be found here.

As of now you only need one CAML Designer to both access Share Point 2010 and Share Point 2013.

It’s only after having checked this property that you are able to store more than one term using the Taxonomy Field Value Collection.

Unfortunately there is no attribute in CAML to set this checkbox, so you will have to solve this in your feature receiver by setting the Allow Multiple Values property: When the taxonomy field is of type Taxonomy Field Type Multi, terms are stored as a Taxonomy Field Value Collection.

If you want to access a Share Point 2010 environment, you will have to connect with the client-side object model and web services.

Because the CAML Designer 2013 is compiled against the .

Once connected to the Share Point 2010 environment, you will only get the code snippets that are available on Share Point 2010; i.e.At the company I work for, we are going to start working with synonyms in our Search results (we are still on Share Point 2010).The synonyms will be maintained by our Content Editors team and therefore I decided to let them maintain the synonyms in the term store (Managed metadata service application), as it is done in Share Point 2013.We have to admit that it only supports the Office 365 accounts on Share Point 2013.As all accounts are migrating towards Share Point 2013, Peter Kapinski advised us not to support the SP2010 accounts.You would think that, when you create a field of type Taxonomy Field Type Multi, you would be able to store more than one term, but unfortunately that’s not the case.When you inspect the field in the user interface, you see that the check box Allow multiple values is not checked.So I wanted that the timer job would figure out the correct folder using the Search topology.My colleague Manoj Malireddy figured out how to do this: Because on our default Search Service Application a lot of crawl rules are defined, we were not sure that our new Share Point application would be crawled correctly during development.The trick is that you first have to test whether you already have a term available in the collection or not.If not, you have to initialize the collection, otherwise you will get a “null reference” exception when you try to add a term to the collection.


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