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Dating career guy

There are three common questions that come up when you’re getting to know someone new.

They are: These questions are major conversation killers, according to Lo Dolce. “If you’re unemployed, work on deflecting these questions and making fun conversation. Here are a few conversation starters to try: “Stop focusing on what people do for a living and focus on what they’re passionate about instead,” said Lo Dolce.

Try to make light of the situation as best as you can.

According to Lo Dolce, it’s extremely important to discover what you’re really passionate about during this transitional period.

“We put so much emphasis on having a good job,” said Lo Dolce.

“In the online dating world, your first impression is digitized – and your career is part of that,” said Laurie Davis, author of Love @ First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating.

Most dating profiles have a section to discuss your job.


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  2. Oct 31, 2012. Almost all of these qualities were the same as what they notice in job seekers. Though. With that in mind, identified five of the most important qualities successful men notice first when considering dating a woman and assessing the possibility of a future with her. The fifth most.

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