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I don’t want to be someone’s “retirement husband”..

Question by Laurel: Senior boy dating a freshman girl?

Best answer: Answer by TARDISLuver I think it’s a little to much of a gap…Freshman’s are still young and trying to figure out the whole high school thing.

We’ve shown interest in each other for a few weeks.

I am back in the dating game at age 65 and I find I am just as choosy about my dates as I was 40 years ago!

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And for long time I searched your website for a lovely lady to marry.

Both of us are girls who just recently told each other that we’re both lesbians.

we talk on the phone and text and stuff and i kinda like her.

She’s a 17 year old senior and I’m a 15 year old freshman.

So we’re not dating each other because we’re desperate.


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