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Some posit the theory that those with MCS are overloaded with toxins.

I will argue that in 99% of the cases that is absolute nonsense.

In contrast, other senses are also routed through rational centers of the brain.

What this means is that smells, more than other sensory input, tend to more directly stimulate strong emotional responses. Smells can alert us of things much more effectively than other sensory input, and so linking smells directly to the emotion and memory part of the brain has an evolutionary advantage, it would seem.

The project also includes two levels of underground parking with access along Walnut Street and valet parking for 246 vehicles.

In order for this project to move forward, Redwood City will need to amend the General Plan.

MCS is characterized by the hyper-arousal of the sympathetic nervous system.

Here’s something I finally realized that helped me tremendously: the “average” North American (based on my observation) eats at Mc Donalds several times a week and otherwise doesn’t eat particularly great food, drinks chlorinated/fluoridated municipal water, washes clothes in strongly scented detergents, uses synthetically-fragranced soaps and shampoos, wears scented antiperspirants, wears synthetic materials, talks on cell phones, lives in new construction, sleeps on a flame-retardant-laden mattress, sprays bug killers in their house, uses harsh cleaning chemicals, and otherwise has a fairly large exposure on a daily basis to known toxins.

But then, suddenly, a person with MCS begins to notice that he or she reacts to new things, even sometimes to the very expensive new, totally hypoallergenic, totally organic, totally natural blanket or pillow or sheets or mattress.

And, let’s face it, most people who use the escape approach at best manage to discover some tenuous existence that marginally works, but they aren’t able to go to friend’s houses or to food stores much less to airports, shopping malls, or anywhere else where there might be too many perfumes, chemicals, or EMFs. My point is that the life of the committed MCS sufferer keeps getting smaller and keeps having fewer choices and options. Our health and well-being depend on the quality not only of our physiological state, but also of our social life.

However, when a person is stuck in a vicious cycle of sympathetic hyper-arousal, this direct smell-amygdala link can be a real challenge.

Many people with MCS react strongly to the slightest whiffs of fragrances that others don’t even detect.


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