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Prince william dating charlotte casiraghi

2) Camilla will only be a Consort and not the Princess of Wales.I'm not sure if she's entitled to use the HRH (Her Royal Highness) as part of her title either.

And throwing in a Magi Astrology aspect, they have the ultimate Cinderella linkage of Venus & Chiron, as William's Chiron trines Charlotte's Venus exactly. Now for the stormy possibilities that these two could face: William's Mars squares Charlotte's Mars, and also his Pluto squares her Mercury, indicating possible arguments, stubborness, and discord in a relationship.Both of those could indicate that these two shared a possible past life together in a warlike and/or deadly environment, whether on the same side or as enemies. Princess Charlotte is part of the royal family of Monaco.And on top of that William's Neptune squares Charlotte's Venus, which could indicate a possible major disillusionment in their would-be relationship. And looking at their chart from a Karmic viewpoint, there are some interesting connections. So should these two get together, I imagine their relationship would definitely NOT be dull.William's Pluto conjuncts Charlotte's South Node exactly, and William's South Node conjunct's Charlotte's Mars. I think the laws will change once Prince William's father becomes king; he seems more open minded.I see some aspects in the synastry / composite chart that would indicate a marriage potential between Prince William and Charlotte Casiraghi. I guess Prince Charles got away with it because: 1.) He had already produced his heir(s) to the throne, and there isn't any chance of any offspring with Camilla.Since William, as the heir to the throne and thus the future head of the protestant Church of England, is expected to marry a woman who shares his faith. OR perhaps William could follow in the footsteps of his great-great uncle, the Duke of Windsor, and abdicate the throne for love.And Charlotte is Roman Catholic, and comes from a royal family that is traditionally Catholic as William's is Protestant. If Prince William's father is allowed to marry his mistress, then why can't Prince William marry a Roman Catholic?She trains with Theirry Rozier, and along with her team's bay gelding, GI Joe...Read Full Story Charlotte Casiraghi looks lovely as ever as she and her family celebrate National Day.


  1. Prince William; Prince Harry;. Charlotte Casiraghi pregnant. who is dating Charlotte Casiraghi looks radiant at showjumping event.

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