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But delivering a late diagnosis only adds to the trauma and grief.

So say the doctors and parents who spoke to Health Correspondent Catherine Shanahan about the importance of a 20-week fetal anomaly scan.’We looked at each other and held our breath...

It felt like our hearts had been ripped out,” Collette says.

They decided to go ahead with the pregnancy regardless. “Carrying a baby that you know won’t survive makes you cherish every kick.

Not only did Williams live for free at the Shoreham Hotel, but Short paid for his hookers, the best looking hookers in the league.” “You couldn’t have gotten close to Ted if you’d wanted to….the end of his career, my father-in-law, Lou Boudreau, played with Ted in Boston in ’51 and ’52.I had destroyed my family and all I had stood for and accomplished in my life. That sweet swing, 500 home runs, and his affable nature appeal to Cub rooters, and connects them to one warm, bright summer 40 years ago.hit off Dock Ellis, and recorded the last hit given up by HOF’er Bob Gibson, a pinch hit grand slam in 1975.In that game, the Cubs starter, Bob Hendler, tossed a 1-hitter. Adolfo Phillips was going to be the next Willie Mays, according to Durocher. There is no easy way to tell parents at any stage of pregnancy that their baby has a severe fetal abnormality and may die in the hours or days after birth.Although he wasn’t a big star, La Cock was a certified talent, winning the 1977 AA MVP Award with a .320 BA and 27 HR’s. pitchers started to brush him back, he was never the same.Lou Johnson was the only other African American teammate of Williams’ on the 1959 Houston Buffaloes. Lou was a Dodger when Koufax no-hit the Cubs in 1965. But physical ability doesn’t get it done without the right mental makeup. Stottlemyre doesn’t waste anytime painting George Steinbrenner as a meddling, former Assistant Football Coach (Northwestern 1955, Purdue 1956) who secretly believes the Yankees “….should win all 162 games in a season, or at least come close, the way a powerhouse football team might go 11-1 in college, or say 14-2 in the NFL.”Yankee Scout Eddie Taylor signed Mel out of Yakima Junior College, signed him right in a Mabton mint field in the midst of crop workers and farm equipment, for no bonus, 0 a month, and a roster spot on the 1961 Harlan (KY) entry in the Appalachian League. He has made piles of copious loot, only to set them afire every time. It always had to be in the papers…Ted said this…This is what Ted is thinking.” “Obviously, Bob Short catered to his whims and allowed him to be this way with no recrimination. He has roiled through personal bull and bear markets for all of his 64 years. “Williams desparately needed to be the center of the universe.We couldn’t wait for the new addition,” says Collette O’Donovan. We were able to see our little baby dancing on the screen.” Their hearts sank a little when the sonographer suggested the baby’s head measurements may not be right. The sonographer went to talk to a consultant and when she came back, she eventually told us to prepare for the worst.The mood changed as the sonographer conducted the 12-week scan. I was expecting to hear news that maybe our baby had a disability of some sort,” says Collette.


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