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That’s how dating sites make money – pretty much all of them limit the functionality in some way, until you become a paying member. but there are several conversion flows that you can choose to work with, so let’s analyze them one by one.

As I already mentioned, every single dating site wants MORE members. NOTE: Not every dating offer accepts all the following models, but pretty much any affiliate networks will have some offers for any mentioned model.

To make it more interesting, I invited an affiliate network that specializes in dating, “Cpamatica.com”, to provide us with some insights from a networks side too.

I sent them quite a few questions, so we get a better understanding of the vertical, how much big affiliates are making, what type of offers makes the most $$$ for them, what GEOs are hot at the moment …

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As you could surely guess, SOI leads are also usually paid the least for.

that’s why many dating sites utilize BOTs to simulate human activity, until they get enough members.

Some sites/apps take it too far and pretty much any activity on their sites is BOT driven, which is obviously not something that potential paying members want.

The standard flow is still simple : user enters the email address, waits for a confirmation email with a verification link, clicks it and that’s it, conversion finished.

The above described is the “original” DOI flow, these days you might see several variations of it too.


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