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Elijah wood dating pam racine

actor attending the Art of Elysium's 2009 charity gala at Vibiana on January 10 in Los Angeles.The charity aims to encourage people in the public eye to help children with serious illnesses.Gogol Bordello contributed the song "Start Wearing Purple" to the film's score.The band also has their own documentary called Gogol Bordello Non-Stop.He gets many, like money, experience, friends, and most of all girlfriend.It seems that becoming an actor is exceptionally beneficial for Wood.Gogol Bordello released a new song titled Let's Get Crazy in 2012 as part of Coca-Cola's advertising campaign for the European Football Championships, which were part-hosted by Ukraine.The track samples one of their earlier singles, Wonderlust King, and the Coca-Cola advertising jingle.

Working on a movie gives actor Elijah Wood many advantages.

Mandrake hears that Wood, 29, has split up with his girlfriend, Pamela Racine, after more than five years.

"Elijah just didn't want to settle down," claims a friend of the American actor.

"Bordello", in Italian, refers to a brothel or a "gentleman's club".

The band was originally titled Hütz and the Béla Bartóks, but Eugene Hütz says that they decided to change the name because "nobody knows who the hell Béla Bartók is in the United States." Gogol Bordello's first single was released in 1999, and since then they have released six full-length albums, and one EP.


  1. But did you guys know Elijah Wood and Pam Racine were dating? I came across a link to it from a Hobbit movie rumor site.

  2. Elijah Wood, who played Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings, 'did not want to settle down' with Pamela Racine.

  3. He's on the loose! Yay! Sources are reporting that Elijah Wood and his girlfriend of five years, Gogol Bordello drummer Pamela Racine, have called it quits

  4. Is elijah wood still dating pam racine. I don't think I've met anyone in my life that shone so brightly, made so many people so happy and was so humble. I kept.

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