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Midway up the mountains, overgrown clear-cuts show up as yellow-green rectangles against the darker green of old-growth forest.

As wild as the wildest places in the lower forty-eight United States, it isn't quite paradise, although the handful of us who live here think it comes close.He sums up his work in two sentences: "You can change the nature of the world pretty simply.All you do is get rid of one species." As a young scientist he proceeded to do just that, experimentally removing sea stars in control plots, thereby creating profound changes in the intertidal community he studied.In 1960 Nelson Hairston, Frederick Smith, and Lawrence Slobodkin (HSS) proposed that vegetation patterns are determined primarily by patterns of food consumption by herbivores.They further suggested that the act of predation shaped herbivory.Wolves began to recolonize our area in the early 1990s.Since then we had been hearing them howl from the shoulder of our mountain and occasionally finding their tracks.We even found the spot where one of the wolves had turned to look at us, a motion that had caused its left front foot to break forward.Fascinated, we continued to follow the subtleties of their trail—which sometimes consisted of little more than a few bent blades of grass that even as we watched were springing back upright.Then curiosity kicked in and we stepped outside our small fenced yard to follow the wolves' trail.I marked one track, and from it we located others laid out in a gallop pattern.


  1. Jun 30, 2008. Extreme kayaker plunges down waterfall. Plummeting into a lake from the top of a waterfall may not sound like the best way to get your kicks - especially when you are in a kayak. Jesse Coombs, runs the 70-foot-tall Lower Mesa Falls, Henry's Fork River, Idaho Photo LUCAS J. GILMAN. By Nick Britten.

  2. Aug 13, 2010. Direct effects occur via a predator killing prey, while indirect effects are mediated by a third species. An example would be. My work involved putting in fifty-seven miles of track transects in Glacier National Park's North Fork, arguably one of the most intact systems in the lower forty-eight states. This place.

  3. Jan 5, 2017. The JumpStart Air Service Development Conference is an annual speed dating event between airport officials and airlines, with 20 minutes allotted to each meeting before each party moves on to the next talk. “We are extremely pleased with the additional service to southern California,” Briggs said.

  4. Basaltic volcanism of the central and western Snake River Plain A guide to field relations between Twin Falls and Mountain Home, Idaho, in Pederson, J. and. Dehler, C. M. eds. intercalated with, or overlie, lacustrine sediments of Pliocene-Pleistocene Lake Idaho. Direct evidence of the “pipeline” nature of this flow, as.

  5. Plains north of the Fort Rock Basin, Harney and Summer Lake basins in Oregon, and the Snake River Plain of southern Idaho. The present volume reflects this broader regional perspective, and an. Results of recent direct AMS radiocarbon dating of fibers from basketry and sandals from the Northern Great Basin is.

  6. Revolution in the dating and analysis of glacial sequences has produced many new chronologies in the. and 17 ka ages represent two nested moraines in the Lake Fork drainage. CRN dates from moraine boulders in. effects are direct, as the glaciers originated in areas of maritime climate. For the other systems, those.

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