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This year, my birthday was on a Sunday, so I thought maybe Monday something would happen.It’s now Tuesday nearing the end of the workday, and I think I’ve been forgotten.Would it be possible to go somewhere else so that we can talk openly? We might even go with a system where employees simply swipe their credit card and pay for their coffee that way.” But Rachel wasn’t ever really a paragon of sound professional judgment (see: hiring Tag, sleeping with Tag). Can we ask employees to pay for coffee if it’s better coffee? The issue here is the employees are used to free coffee, though most of them are not happy with the service we currently have.Should it have been my responsibility last week to mention my birthday in passing?

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But it’s far more likely that it was the result of some administrative oversight (like someone forgot to put your birthday on the calendar when you were first hired) than an intentional decision. Putting nanny experience on a resume I graduated from college two years ago with a BS in Journalism (advertising).I wouldn’t expect every workplace to celebrate birthdays, but I’m upset because I work in a small office (8 people) and I know that birthdays are a *thing* here.When someone’s birthday rolls around, they get a card and cake (we even have a spreadsheet on our server with people’s birthday and favourite type of cake listed).You could always keep a couple of regular coffeepots for people who don’t want to pay and are willing to drink the lower grade coffee.) 4.My office forgot my birthday I’ve been trying very hard to not let this situation bother me too much, but my coworkers forgot my birthday, and it’s really bumming me out.I rarely do not approve leave requests because I see it as the one perk I can offer people, but if I keep approving her requests, I’ll get into a position where I can’t approve them for anyone else. Part of me wants to just give her a head’s up and put her on notice, but she’s very young and I’m not sure she’ll take me seriously.And, furthermore, I’m starting to think I won’t be able to keep her in the off-season (as we did last year) because her attitude is so poor and she doesn’t seem to want to be there. The mother hen in me wants to help her find a new job where she’ll be happier. “Hey, Jane, I want to talk to you about your time off.I have an employee who’s been requesting a lot of time off, especially on weekends.We work in hospitality, and so weekends are a crucial time for us.There are two reasons this bugs me – one, it means that if I approve these time off requests, it gets more difficult for me to approve them for anyone else, as we need coverage during those times.Secondly, her work has dropped off significantly and her attitude has become rather negative in the last couple months, so I suspect that the many requests for time off are because ultimately, she doesn’t want to be at work.


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