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"This Normal Life," his personal blog, has appeared weekly since 2002.

A former hi-tech entrepreneur, Brian moved to Jerusalem from the San Francisco Bay Area in 1994 with his wife and three children.

Humanistic Judaism is a nontheistic alternative in contemporary Jewish life, defining Judaism as the cultural and historical experience of the Jewish people.

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If the Jewish community is open, welcoming, embracing, and pluralistic, we will encourage more people to identify with the Jewish people rather than fewer."Brian Blum is a freelance writer, journalist and editor.He works for an eclectic mix of newspapers, online magazines, universities, non-profit organizations and public companies.Article 17, clause two of the American Convention on Human Rights says that all men and women have the right to marry, subject to the conditions of domestic law "insofar as such conditions do not affect the principle of nondiscrimination established in this Convention." Interfaith marriage in Judaism was historically viewed with disfavor by Jewish leaders, and it remains controversial.The Talmud and poskim prohibit non-Jews to marry Jews, and discuss when the prohibition is from the Torah and when it is rabbinical.Wedding Email Series: If you and your partner are from two different faith backgrounds and planning a Jewish or Jewish and… We’re taking all our expertise and dishing it out in eight emails designed to offer ideas and options, answer common questions and connect you to a wealth of additional resources (and other couples! Fill out our Jewish Clergy Survey so we can connect you with local couples. When some parents first find out their child is marrying someone who is not Jewish, they may not feel like celebrating.If that’s you, our Resources for Parents of Children Who Are in Interfaith Relationships are here to help.This depends on religious prohibitions against the marriage by the religion of one (or both) spouses, based on religious doctrine or tradition.In an interfaith marriage, each partner typically adheres to their own religion; this excludes a marriage of a spouse belonging to religion X to a spouse who has undergone religious conversion from religion Y to religion X.Biblical passages which apparently support intermarriage, such as that of Joseph to Asenath and Ruth to Boaz, were regarded by classical rabbis as having occurred after the non-Jewish spouse had converted.Orthodox Judaism refuses to accept intermarriage, and tries to avoid facilitating them.


  1. It All Begins with a Date Jewish Concerns about Intermarriage Alan Silverstein on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The former president of the Rabbinical Assembly addresses the Conservative movement's approach to interdating and intermarriage.

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