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A school principal who fled Australia after more than 70 sexual assault and rape allegations surfaced has been remanded in custody in Israel.

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Over the course of three years the abuse escalated and she was sexually touched and digitally penetrated, Erlich said.the prosecution wants to show Australia that they are working.'The woman was employed as the principal of the Victorian school when she allegedly sexually assaulted and raped students.She was detained by Israeli police at her West Bank home on February 12 after avoiding extradition for more than a decade.Supreme Court Judge Jack Rush called the actions of that night 'deplorable.'But school board president Benedikt insists the decision was the right one – and done with the intention of ensuring Liefer was kept away from the school's children. Mordechai Kedar is a senior lecturer in the Department of Arabic at Bar-Ilan University.In 2014 she was arrested for the first time in Israel after Australia filed an extradition request, and subsequently released on bail.Doctors stopped those proceedings in 2016, saying that she was unfit to stand trial because she was suffering from panic attacks and was unfit to attend court, the Times Of Israel reports.Her defence lawyer, Yehuda Frid, has attacked the extradition process and Australian authorities, saying the Jerusalem District Court ruling would lead to 'bad feelings' and trigger a 'psychiatrist seizure.''In Australia they don't understand why she is not being extradited.We have a problem with Australia because it's a friendly country,' Mr Frid said.'They are only interested in kangaroos and koala bears...She left Australia for Israel after getting married aged 18 to a man her parents chose for her, and opened up about the alleged abuse in meetings with a therapist.The therapist passed the information along to a colleague in Melbourne's Adass community before they reached the school.


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