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From what I have experienced during Taiwanese and Chinese dating, the boy is MAGICALLY always the one who is right.But to due to good argument, but – sadly- automatically.In the USA we went through a period where love marriage became expected, but people didn’t know how to deal with it, and you got a lot of those gender-role expectations that you write about above (women waiting for men to solve problems, men assuming automatic authority, assumptions about time together, marriage, kids and family dynamics that have everything to do with gender expectations and not the individuals involved).Then we got over it, feminism happened, and fortunately we’re generally better off (some will disagree – they’re wrong IMHO).

There really are good guys in Taiwan, who are more enlightened and evolved in their thinking about relationships, who aren’t like these two guys (and I’d say there’s even a cultural difference between Taiwanese and Chinese guys in this regard and others).

From what I understand, arranged marriage in Taiwan started declining maybe 50 years after that, and didn’t become uncommon until fairly recently (and even now, matchmakers exist).

The feminist movement in Taiwan started out far earlier in this “relationship evolution” than in the USA, where we had to wait decades to get the vote and decades more to get the chance to fight for social equality.

To me, topics of kids is for people who do not know each other well NO topic.

Seems there is some unwritten rule that girl and boy are supposed to meet every day during the first month of going out. I wonder whether my standars are too “European” or just too demanding.


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