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" Chachi asked, picking up the cookie-cutter lying on the counter.

"I bet there are a lot of people who would buy these if you tried selling them.

Chachi had a feeling he was about to meet some hideous girl who no one would ever dream of asking out.

His mind changed once he and Fonzie let themselves in through the back door.

But she did have beautiful brown eyes and a sweet smile.

She said yes when Chachi asked her out in the third grade, then again when he tried in fourth grade, and finally, Chachi and Mary found themselves hanging out on Saturday nights whenever they couldn't find other dates.

Playing basketball alone while the taller boys practiced on the other side of the court. A few girls fell for it, but most of them brushed him off like he was nothing more than an annoying fly buzzing around their head."You have to be patient, Chach," Fonzie told him whenever Chachi complained. He had been working on one of his cars when his younger cousin came into the garage."How long did it take you to become cool? When he caught Chachi's eye, he stopped right away, cleared his throat, and answered the question with honesty: "Are you kidding? Meanwhile, Chachi lived with his mom in a run-down apartment.

It didn't take a lot of prying to get the story out of him about Mary and the dance he no longer planned on attending. "You talk to her first, sweep her off her feet, then make your move. "If there's a girl who doesn't have a date on Valentine's Day, she must not be much of a looker."Fonzie stopped dead in his tracks, using one hand to press Chachi against the wall. Of course Chachi had met the Cunningham's before along with their son, Richie.

Everyone else thought he was the same height), which meant he was allowed to play basketball with his friends and a few more girls agreed to date him.

He regained his confidence--Until Mary Kay Johnson turned him down. She definitely was not the prettiest girl in school; her arms and torso reminded Chachi of a wrestler the first time he saw them.

By the time Chachi turned twelve, things had gotten a little better.

He grew a few inches (only enough for him to notice, apparently.


  1. The 56-year-old was found dead Saturday afternoon in Indiana after authorities responded to a 911 call reporting that a woman was unresponsive. Henry Winkler, who played the Fonz on the popular sitcom, wished Moran the peace "she wanted so badly here on earth." Scott Baio, who played her boyfriend Chachi Arcola.

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