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It is some years now since I made the decision that I would no longer worry about it. I've dealt with it my whole life, so I'm used to it.I cope with it with nappies and that's the end of it as far as I'm concerned.What should I do Posted by Jolene M on 23/08/2017 at Our daughter is 16 and has been a bedwetter for 10 months now and she wears cloth diapers and plastic pants[rubberpants] to bed every night.

I remember going to the doctors at a young age and despite them telling me it happens to many people and more than I was aware of, I was still discusted at myself for not being able to control it.

If your partner or friend has this issue it's best to try and understand it and realise it's not their fault.

I have realised that the sleeping position can help, usually I have incidents whilst laying on my back or my front, I try to fall asleep on my side with my outer leg over the other (like I am crossing my legs) and this has sometimes helped.

I am relieved that I am not alone after reading people's own experiences and It worries me to think this may haunt me for life.

Nothing I have tried has worked so far and I was put on medication as a child that didn't help me.


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  2. Bed-wetting in teenagers and adults. Wetting the bed at night the medical term is enuresis is more common in adults than you might think. It affects about one.

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