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Dating delilah slowdance

One of the ladies had lived in NYC for 40 years, & we told her that we were headed there soon.She then mentioned something about Texas, & how she didn't like some of the people there. I have to say, I haven't seen too much evidence that Canadians like GWB at all. Anywho, we paid the or so it costs to get into the museum (what is it with the crazy cheap prices in Canada? The idea is, you walk up each floor, so after 5 floors you've seen the whole thing.I have never seen so many different kinds of moccasins in my life. I'm against fur, but those are seriously bad ass shoes.My favorite pair, though, was really cool: moccasins made of actual bear paws, & worn during sacred ceremonies. Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture of a pair of shoes I found particularly interesting. IIRC, my platter was , which is nothing for 3 sushi rolls. Denise had been complaining (mildly) that her hair was too long & needed a trim, & David said the same thing about himself.

) for , & a very nice soft pink summer dress shirt (hey, I don't have anything in pink) for less than . We continued down the street until we hit the Shoe Museum.

There’s a pic of the high school sweethearts in a photo booth, where they’re cozied up in front of a polar bear.

Drake’s father Dennis Graham also makes an appearance, serenading J. In another clip, it looks like he’s singing for both of them as they slow dance the night away. Lo sparked dating rumors last month, after Drizzy attended Lopez’s “All I Have” show in Las Vegas.

The 34-year-old actor, an indie-cinema fixture and a co-writer for films like Frances Ha and Mistress America, had been struggling with a screenplay she'd been working on for a while, a story about a young woman coming of age in Northern California.

In between, there's a whole lot of '80s and '90s commercial radio comfort food, and a handful of truly weird choices like "Highway to the Danger Zone" (Kenny Loggins), "Poison" (Alice Cooper), and "Rockstar" (Nickelback).


  1. Romance radio host Delilah says she fields thousands of requests and dedications from her devoted millions-deep radio following who tune into her nationally. A film crew accompanies the band during a two-year period to provide us with an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the band's longest international tour to date.

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