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What to expect when dating a musician avalanche online dating

Those who struggle with jealousy should feel free to give it a go, but if the idea of random hotties trying to paw at your musical babe makes you seethe inside, it might be a sign to start dating, say, a writer. (That's "lead singer's disease," for you non-musician-dating-folks.) Nobody seeks out center stage if they don't have a..shall we say..."healthy self-esteem" or something major to prove.

That is what you are there for (see The Support Factor).

However, when they do eventually pull out that rough mix for their new record, put down your damn phone and offer your full, undivided attention — or risk being saddled with passive aggressive sulking and/or bruise their fragile ego. Otherwise why would you put up with the late nights, the touring, the weirdo fan encounters, the existential crises, and the boxes of merch stored in the entryway to your apartment that you trip over almost every damn time you open the door?

It all pays off when you get to see them onstage, doing their thing, submerged in sonic bliss and making the audience high on their aural supply.

Women dating female musicians don't have the same cliches to contend with, but many similarities remain.

To be clear, when I say "musician," I'm not talking about dilettantes or dabblers.


  1. Aug 21, 2009. Lesson 1 Don't date musicians. 1. It's a time. You have to endure people telling you that the songs are super good, when you know that they're lying. You're. Someday you may even find yourself in Germany where you accidentally kiss a lunatic who happens to be the lead singer of a band. You're.

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