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So we did a little digging around on the net and found out that they were relatives of our other for their striking foliage, (which is indeed reward enough for growing them), but I think the flowers, however fleeting, are a really great bonus that help cheer up sultry summer days in July and August in our Woodland Garden.

If you grow , you already know how crucial a consistently moist area is to achieving success with them.

planting where they are surrounded by the hollies, ferns and other Woodland Garden denizens ....

I'm sure this plant is no stranger to those who have woodland gardens or garden extensively in shady areas.

It prefers a fairly ordinary loamy, well drained soil with a good degree of organic matter in it (which, if you have a woodland garden, you probably already have).

We have never fussed over ours in any way, other than to make sure they get watered when we're not having regular rains.

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I'd go all salesman on Shady Gardener, if I didn't already know she has it in her shady garden, but if by chance, some of you other readers haven't had the pleasure to grow which is now available.

Harry, as always, was entertaining, and sent up some really great barbs about the past 8 years.

He was kind enough to allow KO to post three of the songs here, so if you'd like to see what he's been up to, check them out.

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