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This is going to be my next purchase, definetely, and will restock it for as long as I live. Chanel scent and performance, does not disappoint in any sense, and fits perfectly within my collection. If you want a lavender floral scent with balls that still works in the office, The Third Man by Caron would be an excellent choice.I just hope that my bottle is the only bad performance batch.As I sprayed for the first time, said expectations were destroyed, for it opens with a much more astringent, clean and metallic scent.I immediately put it down and continued my walk through the store.Please Can anyone confirm what the newer reformulated bottles don't have projection and longevity issues?Fresh herbal – citrus – metallic Color impression: aluminium Platinum Égoïste was my top gun years ago when I used to shave and I used to wear it whenever I wanted to look confident like a boss.This masculine masterpiece was my signature scent ten years ago and I still remember how I get complements after 6 hours from spraying it in the morning.

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The performance is also great - sparing application still lasts all day with a great silage.2nd Review: I bought a 100 ml genuine bottle from an airport duty free. Unfortunately, I was shocked how severly this was watered down and dilluted.The citrusy soapy opening is still the same but longevity is 2 hrs max then it is hardly detectable.At Macy’s I think I saw a white box for PE rather than the original silver one that’s been used.I would ask the sales rep but they’re completely clueless.This perfume has great effect against stress on me.I wore it for every single interview; whether for university or position. Probably the most well balanced scent from the 90s.I feel that Chanel is finding its feet again after a brief stumble.First a side note , If anybody is or ever will be remotely interested in getting something like A&F Fierce, the smartest best choice of a fragrance to get would be this , Chanel Platinum Egoiste. with the subtle , a bit more than minimal, but not cluttered in the slightest.This is definitely my last buy of this legendary perfume. The bottle (as shown at the top of this web page) is still transparent but a little shorter than the first bottle, and more cubed looking, or more squared rather than rectangular.Can anyone confirm what the newer reformulated bottles look like so I don’t purchase the older one?


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