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The future of online dating

At the time, internet dating was the domain of the young, something no one younger than 35 would think twice about. Online dating may seem like a young person’s game, but according to many sociologists, the phenomenon was almost unheard of among users younger than 25.University of California assistant professor of sociology Kevin Lewis told Digital Trends that, along with older users who, in many cases, continue to stigmatize online dating, “the other population that’s been a little bit slow that way is college students. They’re still surrounded by people their age and a bunch of other eligibles.It would be another mobile app, however, launched the same year as Grindr, that would transform online dating forever.

“Even though comfort with technology might be expected to be greatest among the most recent birth cohorts, the youngest respondents were not the most likely to meet their partners online,” the 2012 Rosenfield/Thomas paper explains.Otherwise, the list is largely unrecognizable today, dominated by long-forgotten names like Mate1.com, True.com, and Market Range Inc., which sounds more like a pork-futures trading company than a dating site.Most telling about precisely where the industry was in 2006 is the site that topped them all: Yahoo! By December of that year, Sunnyvale California’s favorite singles bar had only grown in favor.Launched a year after Apple introduced the App Store, the geosocial networking app targeted at gay and bi-sexual males was hosting 1.1 million daily users by June 2012.Two years later, the app had hit more than 10 million user downloads, impressive numbers by any measure.In one recent example, the Army said it was investigating accusations that a colonel, who is already married, duped dozens of women on into believing that he would be marrying them.” ,” Sadly, that site is now just a domain squatter.The same article reported around 11 percent of adult internet users had visited “an online dating website or other site where they can meet people online” by 2006.At no point during the process did anyone pull a phone out of their pocket and swipe right.But microprocessors evolve, products iterate, paradigms shift …“We’re at an important moment because more and more of our lives are happening online,” Klinerberg said.“And we don’t know how to track it.” The stigma on online dating was still strong in 2005, the first year Pew studied such information.


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