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Daily beast app not updating

But since the Garmin Connect app is built to cover all the company’s various wearables, you might find it a little cluttered.

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For cyclists, Strava compatibility is built in with features like beacon and live segments right there on the watch as you train.Day to day step tracking is accurate, and it also takes a stab at your calories, but the watch itself can get annoying at times if you have sleeves and want to tuck it away.This main way to think about the Fenix 5X is: this is definitely designed as a fashion statement where being big is key, so if you like that then you’ll love this device.You can then easily have these uploaded, as the watch auto uploads data over Wi-Fi when you get in.But looking at your wrist while on a ride is awkward, despite the big, clear screen.Garmin has been working for a long time to perfect the GPS sports watch and in the Fenix range it took a big step towards doing exactly that.Now the Fenix 5X is here to bring that range to its pinnacle with onboard mapping, multi-sport tracking, smartphone notifications and much more.Has Garmin created that perfect watch it’s been working towards all these years?Garmin has separated the Fenix 5 range into the Fenix 5S (9 / £499 / AU9) as the lighter and smaller model, the Fenix 5 as the middle ground (9 / £499 / AU9) and the Fenix 5X as the top-end model.For those that want to use the watch as a daily wearer with activity tracking, the 5S is for them.For those that want a little longer battery life, the Fenix 5 works.


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