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Andy will have a meltdown, afterwards, because his whole life led him to believe falsely that blowing a Vanderbilt would be a life-changing and cathartic experience. The NY Times will slobber over it and add it to the Op-Ed section - the Kelly Ripa will have Andy on her show and while tearfully telling his "tale" of Harvey dropping trou in front of him while taking a piss, telling him about how much he loved getting his cock sucked by starlets, "That _____ (bleeped out by the network)- talented girl.Technically he managed to get the job done but if you've ever watched porn you should be able to deliver the basics. When he falls, no one is going to pick up that sad sack of self-love and self-hatred. Here he is with Tilda Swinton.[quote]Andy Cohen did more to ruin TV than anyone else in his generation. And yet if you ask him, he'll take credit for being one of the most forward thinking executives in the business. Ryan Seacrest will suddenly blurt out, "Merv did that in front of me! BTW, I used to work in news in the 90's, overnight shift when his dear friend AC was anchor on World News Now - you know, before he was out - cause it was always such a mystery if he was gay (and he was just too brave when he came out). One night, my friend and I went up to him, just to say hi, since we all worked the same shift, etc...no idea his lineage all of that..was before who he is (you now..The Mole, does he not remember?He was forced to change his twitter handle from Bravo Andy to just Andy (and if you ever want to hear a horror story about entitlement ask one of his former employees about getting verified on twitter..lol). Because most 20 something star fuckers will have sex with him he takes advantage of it. He cannot keep a man because he honestly thinks he should be with a rich a list gay man, that no one is good enough for him or on his level so he invents problems.

And I'll see u next weekat least give us adjectives and specificsonly the meanest words lonely gay men on datalounge could conjure Your thread barely got 50 replies. He is the definition of an upwardly mobile, status-obsessed gay Jewish man.

I think of it as the sexual equivalent of visiting a tourist trap. I really wanted to do Cooper but he wasn't biting, or anything else. R170, according to replies on older threads about him, Andy was devastated and really pissed off that the SNL skit portrayed him so accurately and hilariously. Well, not about starlets, but I thought it was HOT! Kelly will not know what to say, Andy will begin to quietly seethe because Ryan stole focus and Ryan? ) -- he was so sooo fucking weird, he recoiled - its not like we were asking for an autograph - just introducing ourselves as fellow employees.

Andy Cohen did more to ruin TV than anyone else in his generation. And yet if you ask him, he'll take credit for being one of the most forward thinking executives in the business. To try and get them to stop, he started having their whole cast in the rotation of guests on WWHL to promote both SNL and their other projects. He paid his dues, came up through the ranks, worked hard behind the scenes with big names on CBS, and eventually became Mr. You can never go broke underestimating the taste of the American public, so Andy must be a very rich man. Well, he'll just smile as Gelman cuts to a commercial for Massengill..a douche - this midget brought the sewer to the masses - he truly scrapes the bottom of the cultural barrel. It was the weirdest encounter - and AC has an enormous head - after that night we referred to him as egghead.

It was called a Watch What Happens Special - the Real OC reunion. His show, and relationship with the housewives lead to him becoming the face of Bravo.

Guess who didn't like that - Everyone else at Bravo.


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