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If a PC’s needle isn’t “floating” at the beginning of an auditing session, auditors are required to ask for overts or withholds.

Later on, if the session isn’t going well, the auditor will run a “correction list” which includes, once again, asking his PC if he has any overts and withholds. Sec Checking (security checking) is basically an interrogation technique conducted by the Department of Ethics to ferret-out “reasons” why someone might not qualify for something—like joining staff, receiving auditing, leaving the church, or staying connected to a loved one.

All auditors have been taught that undisclosed sins prevent case gain. Parishioners are sec-checked if they’ve been bad, sick, or have been arguing with their spouse.

Life went downhill after we committed our first sin. There was no bigger dwindling spiral than the one we fell into when we swiped our first candy bar at the cosmic checkout counter quadrillions of years ago.The greatest sin: speaking out against LRH or the church.Questioning the tech or policy is almost as subversive.If you thought OTs were immune from the siren call of sin…think again.Luckily for these high level lawbreakers, Flag and the Freewinds have MAAs standing by to hear their declarations of malfeasance.Once we “borrowed” Ned’s favorite rock and bonked his wife, living got rough. Directors, Samira Makhmalbaf (Iran), Claude Lelouch (France), Yusuf Shahin (Egypt), Danis Tanovic (Bosnia-Herzogovina), Idrissa Ouedraogo (Burkina Faso), Ken Loach (U.K.), Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Mexico), Amos Gitai (Israel), Mira Nair (India), Sean Penn (U. Eleven filmmakers from eleven countries reflect on the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in short films each lasting 11 minutes, 9 seconds and 1 frame.Samira Makhmalbaf presents a female teacher, at an Afghani refugee camp in Iran, organizing the children for a minute's silence; meanwhile the adults express fears of an American bombardment.If a Scientologist has any chance at salvation, he will confess his sins, bend over, and take his medicine.One thing I can say with certainty about Scientologists: they’re never done sinning and confessing.


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