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Stanley hand plane dating spreadsheet

This keeps the sole in tension and so maintains as closely as possible how the plane will be in its final tensioned state during use.

Using the light and a true straightedge is usually enough to check for flatness.

The format used for the type discussions and trademark designations generally follows other published studies. This is the Type Study part of a larger paper of 8 pages that also discusses the history, development and characteristics of this, the best plane ever made. See • Beds marked with Bailey model numbers, No.2 to 8.

All sizes in production including those with corrugated bottoms.

Lateral adjustment lever with patent dates 10-21-84 &7-24-88. The planes were identical to the original Stanleys, except for the markings on the beds, (W.., K..), Keen Kutter and Winchester trademarks on the blades and frogs with twisted lateral levers.

"S" casting mark on bed (raised dot on some specimens).• Frogs with "B" casting marks. During the 1920's, Stanley manufactured Type 4 Bed Rock Planes, for Keen Kutter and Winchester.

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(if you have a number 5 for sale for me to restore, please let me know! It’s unlikely that I would ever advise someone to buy a new plane over a secondhand or older model because in functionality, older made Stanley or Record bench planes work just as well as any of the new ones once they are restored if that is indeed needed at all. Hundreds of thousands of users through a century and half can’t be wrong surely. The listing does not include the No.605-1/4 (see note at Type 7), but does show the No.602-C as being available, which contradicts the assumed 1918 end of production for that model. Allow time for the page to download, as the image is large, in order to maintain some kind of readable quality. I recently obtained an original copy of a 1923 Stanley promotional pamphlet which illustrates and describes the Bed Rock Planes in production at that time.‘No one should doubt our resolve,’ he cried after mentioning Brexit.Only a moment later did they realise he had in fact said ‘prize’.‘Resign!NOTE: This type discussion, along with the foregoing material, is based on personal examination of numerous Bed Rock specimens since 1973. Frog & bed machined & mated 100%; inclined frog seat. Keen Kutter Bed Rocks had plain lever caps and Winchester Bed Rocks had Winchester marked lever caps.Many specimens have been seen, but there is always the potential for finding a new type or an anomaly. In actuality this one took me about 15 minutes so don’t be daunted and though the e Bay find might not be as bad as this one, it’s not unusual to find one as bad as this one.In fact it’s quite common to find planes hollow across the width because many joiners use their jack planes to plane narrow boards of wood, MDF, melamine faced pressed fibre boards and much more abrasive stuff such as plastic laminates and plastics too.Stanley Hand Planes helped write the American hand plane story from the late 1800's on.Once known as the King of Hand Planes, the Stanley Rule & Level Company put a Leonard Bailey style hand plane in just about every workshop in America.


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