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Who is michael stagliano dating

That's my only reason to want to speak out about it. She's extremely bright and talented, just like her Daddy.

Once you’re on one of the shows you enter a new world, and even if you don’t end up with someone at the end, there are still mixers, reunions, and then the competition sister show to find someone who understands the dark and crazy things you now understand.

I think mainly, none of this really exactly aired, but kind of putting trust in Blake. " I thought that they were trying to make that a moment, you know? " That's when I kind of had that heart drop and I was like, "Oh God, what is there? I wish I could follow it up with an equally as good answer, but yes. But I think you can tell a lot by someone's actions and also some of by what they say, and I think on both of those accounts, unfortunately I don't think Blake is a good guy.

Would you ever consider being star if given the opportunity?

Michael Stagliano: I feel like sometimes guys that get asked that sometimes hesitate and are like, "I don't know." Honestly, I'm not ashamed to admit it. I would do it immediately -- well, with some hesitation. I think that you get engaged at the end if it happens that you fall in love or a girl falls in love with you, you get engaged.

They got back together after the broken engagement, but Michael eventually broke things off because he says he was hurt about Holly’s refusal to be engaged to him.

A few months after the final break-up, they landed on .) On the episode before the finale, tensions really rose when the couples were forced to pair up, and Holly accepted Michael’s invitation.


  1. Michael Stagliano ranks #45151 among the Most Man-Crushed-Upon Celebrity Men. Is he bisexual or gay? Why people had a crush on him? Hot shirtless body and hairstyle.

  2. Chris Harrison Michael Stagliano was arrogant on 'Bachelor Pad'. Michael Stagliano may have come across as the sweet innocent guy on the losing end of a love.

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