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As we mentioned earlier, USPS is very customer friendly. In case you are not at home to receive, you can provide instructions.

They will deliver between the specified times only.

Hence, you can track you mail with or without internet also.

Online USPS Tracking: If you have internet connection on your phone or PC this is the best way to track. Just need to enter the tracking number and status of shipment will be displayed on the screen.

People use it when they do not want to send urgent package or letter. This concludes the types of mail services offered by USPS.

Apart from the above things you should also know about some features that it provides.

US Postal service provides some benefits to the sender and receiver like and others.

Every consignment has a label number or a tracking number. The parcel goes through 11 scans and checkpoints before delivery.

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Here we will briefly take a look at the various types of mail services. It is one of the best postal service inspite of many private firms in competition. The service takes 1 -3 business days to deliver the package. Priority Mail Express Service: This is the fastest available service in Unites States Postal Service. Media Mail: USPS has made this service to deliver goods at low cost.

Hence we can easily say that this courier service is one of best in the country. Please share this website on Facebook, Twitter, Google and others to help us reach to everyone.

Hope after reading this article you will have no problem in USPS Tracking. Bookmark this website for reading our other articles.

We have the list of number for various departments below.

We advise you to contact only the concerned department to get a quick resolution.


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