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He’s a good old boy like the rest of us,”‘ Witham claimed.

“I’ve done what I’ve had to to get my point across.” During a 1986 session of Commissioners Court, Witham plopped a jar of water in front of commissioners, challenging them to a “not so refreshing drink fresh from a Pinewood Village tap.” He exhibits pictures of potholes in Pinewood Village, their widths and lengths duly noted. He keeps it going day and night,” said the subdivision’s developer Donald Clesson.

But the similarity stops there, says resident Pat Wuensche, whose back yard on West Boardwalk is mushy with sewage.

Thirty families have joined the Texas attorney general in suing the developer, claiming he falsely represented that septic tanks would work in the subdivision’s soil.

Others – about 600 – are unrecorded or “red flag” subdivisions that do not meet county road and drainage standards and have no plats, or plans, filed.

All of them hold disgruntled, heartbroken homeowners with similar stories: When Mike and Pam Jordan purchased five acres of land in The Wilderness subdivision off FM 1488 for ,000, they were told there would be no problem in getting basic services such as electricity to their wooded lot.

(Photo by Win Mc Namee/Getty Images)Where oh where did all the Trillions Vanish To ???? You can NOT do the Mortgage Subprime Schemes or Bank / S&L Lootings without the SUBDIVISIONS, BUILDING LOTS, and the Houses ….. RLG Realty Holdings remained in ownership of the Western Banks Addresses in Harris County for many years AFTER staging the FAKED Insolvency of it’s Western Banks. Charlie Wilson’s War and the Octopus to less OLD Roland Carnaby KNEW …… “I started telling the FBI person about the problems out here and said if the vice president was being unfairly subjected to what my family and others in this county have been subjected to in Pinewood Village, they’d be all over it. I asked `What would you do if I threatened to kill the vice president of the United States?

As I have given NOTICE to the State of Texas and the 334th State District Court the Lawyers for Western Bank / RLG Realty Holdings / the FDIC and the State Banking Commission concealed from Judge Russell T Lloyd and Myself the true nature of the mega wealth Western Banks principles, investors, insurers and others retained during and after the FAKED INSOLVENCIES. https://web.archive.org/web/*/ That will be Buying Lots of Elections The Federal Reserve can’t account for 9 TRILLION and the Nation has been looted for MANY MANY MANY More Trillions than that GULF MANOR AIRPORT and the Galleria BCCI Crew …… ’ Next thing I know, they’re coming to get me.” The federal charge against Witham was also dropped on condition that he undergo mental analysis. The psychiatric evaluation showed that all areas of my life were in normal parameters, except for the situation with Pinewood Village.” Witham said he invested ,000 building a two-story home on land that cost him ,000. “I couldn’t sell this subtropical swamp if I wanted to.” He has lawsuits against the subdivision’s former financier, Western Bank on Westheimer; one against the county, its commissioners and county attorney; and another against American Title Insurance Co.

“Montgomery County has had years to enforce those regulations, but the good old boys sat back in their boots and straw hats and said `OK, let’s be easy on this one.

I don’t think it’s right for anyone to be defrauded, especially in the purchase of a family home. It’s like people stealing candy from babies.” Polish immigrant Steve Szladewski’s ruddy complexion grows redder as he rattles off the sales pitch that led him to buy property in the Shepard’s Landing subdivision in Montgomery County.

Former astronaut Alan Shepard, the subdivision’s developer with former Houston Mayor Louie Welch, was to be his next-door neighbor, a salesman bragged.

Counters Witham: “I’ve had a hell of an education and made my mistakes.

But my only motivation is putting a stop to Pinewood Villages.


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