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Dating a male flight attendant

Harnden said that some of her female colleagues wanted to work business or first class because they “set out” to meet a successful guy, but Melissa said she thought that passengers in coach might have a better chance, if they played their cards right.

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They start sitting on our jump seats, helping themselves to the bar, and hanging around in the galley.” Cheryl Harnden, a one-time flight attendant now a stay-at-home mom in suburban Washington, D.Easley said that he’s been asked out by female passengers about five times during his 16-year career, but that pales in comparison to what some of his female colleagues, even married ones, experience.“I have some friends who are happily married and they don’t put out the- ‘I’m looking to meet someone vibe’- but they still get hit on non-stop, on every single flight,” he said.“Guys would think you’re easy, you’re fast,” she said. Even guys who didn’t know me very well felt like they could ask me questions like that.” Easley says that female and male passengers also hit on male flight attendants, gay and straight.“I’d always get questions about whether I was in the Mile High Club. “I’ve seen men who are married, with rings on, hitting on my gay co-workers and they will exchange numbers,” he said.Flight attendants say that business class travelers tend to be more flirtatious than those who fly in coach, with “gutsy, married middle aged men” and foreign men rated as the boldest.And most, but not all, say that a guy traveling in first class or business has a better chance of capturing a female flight attendant’s interest than someone in coach.“And you have no chance if you've had an argument with the gate agent, or complained about other passengers, or have been mean to the other crew you're not interested in, or if you're drunk, or if you didn't our follow safety instructions,” she said.Easley says that passenger-flight attendant fraternization has decreased during his career because his airline had a hiring freeze for years and most of his colleagues got older and many got married.She's thinking about accepting a job offer as she is tired of her old job.To be honest i know its selfish but i don't like the idea for two reasons 1) Its great how things are at the moment, both working days and being able to have fun together on weeknights and go out together on weekends.


  1. I know what you're thinking, “He's just writing this to blow his own trumpet”. To a degree, you're right. I mean, which guy hasn't dreamt about getting hit on by a flight attendant? I know I did, regularly. Every time I flew, in fact. That was before it actually happened. I was flying to Thailand last month to spend a week with some.

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