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There's also a second theory about this detail, as some historians believe that St.Andrew was crucified by the Romans in Greece, where this diagonal cross was more commonly used.Manufacturers of the flag didn't necessarily select the same shade of blue and this was often a subject of spirited debate!This situation came to an end in 2003 when a Scottish Parliamentary committe officially recommended that the shade of blue on the Scottish Saltire Flag become standardized, the shade chosen being Pantone 300.A saltire, also called Saint Andrew's Cross, is a heraldic symbol in the form of a diagonal cross, like the shape of the letter X in Roman type.

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The Flag of Scotland, called The Saltire or Saint Andrew's Cross, is a blue field with a white saltire.

If you visit the Saltire Memorial at Athelstaneford in East Lothian, Scotland, you'll see the Saltire flying every single day.

Beneath the flagpole you'll find the famous battle scene, complete with a moving inscription, carved in granite.

Although the Saltire (pictured left) is the official Scottish flag, if you had something a bit different in mind, you could still be on the right track. The reason for the confusion above, lies in the fact that Scotland actually has two flags, but only one of them is recognized as Scotlands' offical national flag - and that's the Saltire.

Learn all about the Scottish flag (or ) right here.


  1. It is usually accompanied by the letters "A. D." "à détruire"—French for "to be demolished" and a date or deadline. During a campaign of urban renewal by the Yaoundé Urban Council in Cameroon, the cross was popularly referred to as "Tsimi's Cross" after the Government Delegate to Yaoundé Urban Council Gilbert Tsimi.

  2. The Flag of Scotland is the Saltire the white diagonal cross of Scotland's patron saint, St Andrew, on a blue field. It is one of the oldest flags in the world, dating back, according to the version of the story you believe, to 832, or to 815, or to 761.

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  4. Requirements. Your own valid email address; Must live in Scotland; If signing up on behalf of someone else please do not use your own email address. Your Local Saltire Agency. The Saltire Awards are managed locally by Saltire Agencies. You will be assigned to a Saltire Agency based on the postcode you provide.

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