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We speak with an imam, a pastor, a rabbi and LA’s archbishop.

Jihad Turk is an imam at the Islamic Center of Southern California, the largest and oldest mosque in Los Angeles.“For the last few days since the election, I’ve been receiving a number of reports from across the country — and here locally in southern California – of kids being bullied, and of parents freaking out, what do I do to help my kids, to help protect them, to help them navigate the difficult situations they face in school with kids mimicking what they hear at home, not just picking on kids of color and immigrants saying ‘we’re gonna deport you,’ but calling Muslim kids terrorists and in many instances, the girls who happen to cover their hair, sometimes kids will pull their headscarf off.

You can now climb even higher in the Main Sewer Junction thanks to the Line Launcher.

Lock on to the armed one -- or both -- with Batarangs and then run in to finish them off. Hit the teeth on the way and go inside the Control Room.

This room will cause headaches if you don't approach it with stealth in mind.

Before exiting at the top, Line Launch west to the high aqueduct you couldn't reach before to grab the Riddler Trophy (Caves Riddle #10).

Now, glide down to the east from this spot to get the Riddler Trophy in the nook below (Caves Riddle #24).


  1. Directed by John Stagliano. With Angela, Charmila, Clede, Cleo.

  2. Welcome to Rutman’s Violins. A native of Moldavia, Ilya Rutman has been involved in instrument making and repair since 1990. He attended the North Bennett Street.

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