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“Asian male sexuality is the butt of the joke when it comes to penis size or just not being attractive.” Indeed, insensitive comments about Asian male sexuality are rampant in the U. It was learning to focus on what he could change and understanding what he couldn’t change. It was his first trip to a mildly successful sex party that taught Kenneth the important lesson of not cockblocking yourself, both physically and psychologically.

“I decided to take Adderall that day, and I didn’t know that it makes your penis not work.

Over time, Kenneth met tantric massage gurus, shibari artists, BDSM dungeon masters, and swingers with lifelong active sex lives.

, Eugene Aseev, vice-president of engineering at data protection firm Acronis says that users should avoid using default passwords and configurations, as well as regularly updating their firmware.A sex hacker, Kenneth says, finds simple, replicable tricks that boost sexual confidence, increase intimacy between partners, and add more pleasure to sex. )Kenneth began his career in the personal fitness world, and his self-professed "geek" attitude about fitness—what factors should be considered to achieve a certain goal and what’s the most efficient way to get there—helped him shape his niche in the sex-positive world.A hack for how to have better sex might be a tool, like a sex toy, or a hack can be a technique, i.e. His advice verges on clinical, but it's really good advice.Hackers are using webcams to turn people into 'slaves' by secretly recording them through their computer.A security expert has warned that those who don't cover their webcams risk being blackmailed by hackers who have taken incriminating footage of them.At the end of the night, after the failed threesome, I saw a woman with these great curves; she was beautiful.I was kind of shy, but I asked, ‘Can I put my face in your boobs?Kenneth isn’t good at sex because he won the genetic lottery. And that's the ultimate takeaway: Good sex is about arousal and pleasure more than it’s about penetration.If, for example, you’re trying to fuck people who aren’t attracted to you… Compatible partners and practice are the keys to good sex.In 2014, he was asked to talk about his “curated sex tips” at an exclusive sex party, and he’s been teaching here ever since. Some men approach a vagina the way they might approach a piñata: swinging in the dark, hoping to strike some unknown treasure. “You need to develop a 3-D map to understand the interior structure that you can’t see.“There are so many techniques to touch that can make someone feel amazing. That’s the fitness stuff: proprioception and kinesthetic awareness.” That sounds daunting, sure, but Kenneth says that if you can locate a G-spot and the clitoris, you’re already 80 percent there.“I tell my students that learning to how to have good sex is like learning to play tennis.


  1. Oct 8, 2015. A Leeds-based hacker used a notorious piece of malware called BlackShades to spy on people via their webcams. Investigators from the National Crime Agency found images on the computer of Stefan Rigo, 34, including ones of people involved in sexual activity, some of whom were on Skype at the time.

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