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Once your installation is done, after reboot you will get a screen like below where it will give the URL where you can access opnefiler from browser.

If you are opening this for first time you will get a screen like below. Now you will get a screen where you can make your physical volume.Once I’d figured out what was going on, it was simple enough to get things going again; However at this point I would have expected to be able to set a static IP address and resolve the issue for the future, however I couldn’t see any NICs in the Open Filer config screen (see screenshot below) I thought this was a bit odd, and maybe I was looking in the wrong part of the UI, but sure enough it was the correct place.I tried updating it to the most recent software releases via the handy system update feature, which completed ok (no reboot required – beat that Windows Storage Server!I had to reboot my ESX host to get all my VM’s back from being inaccessible, I’m sure there is a cleverer way to do that, but in my case I wanted to test that the start-up procedure worked as expected now that I’ve set a static IP and re-jigged the start-up sequence so that Open Filer starts before any other VMs that are dependent on it for their storage.VMware has given us the opportunity to test out all its product features for 60 days. Step-4:-Create 1 VM with 2.0 GB of RAM and Windows Server 2003 Enterprise x64 Edition installed.For more information on how to install and use open filer with v Sphere you can go here.Openfiler is a Linux based small operating system that provides file-based network-attached storage and block-based storage area network and is free software. Below I will show how we can take the benefit of openfiler to make SAN/NAS storage for our VMware ESX host. You can click on the installation link to see all details on how to help 1. Graphical Installation N: B:-Make sure you have not partitioned all the disk space.Make the OS partition to small size and keep rest as free space which later we will use as i SCSI LUN.At the time of installation or post installation you have to configure static IP address and necessary DNS configuration.As such when ESX started it couldn’t locate the i SCSI volume hosting the VM and couldn’t start anything.Open Filer couldn’t start its web admin GUI if it couldn’t get an IP address, nor would it mount the shared volumes.


  1. Feb 4, 2009. However, in my rush to get things working the OpenFiler box didn't have a static IP address set and was using DHCP see where this is going. I tried updating it to the most recent software releases via the handy system update feature, which completed ok no reboot required – beat that Windows.

  2. Oct 23, 2011. Update 2/24/2012 FreeNAS does not support FC Targets. Setting up iSCSI boot now since upgrading to 2.0 Code level. So far it is a bit complex. Will post how it goes. Update 2/12/2012. Little update on this project. In the end the FC Target Feature in OpenFiler was too much trouble to get working. Will try.

  3. For more information on Openfiler Server, visit. Openfiler converts an industry standard x86_64 architecture system into a full-fledged NAS/SAN appliance or IP storage gateway and provides storage. In the properties of the target, leave the default values and click update at the bottom of the view.

  4. Oct 13, 2013. Login as root on your openfiler server. Next, prepare your openfiler environment for compiler if not already done. This can be done by executing the following commands conary update gcc conary update libtool conary update glib conary update glibdevel conary update glibc conary update glibcdevel

  5. May 11, 2012. Openfiler is intended for the management of NAS and SAN network storage. The administrator can select and configure his system to use either SAN functions Storage Area Network or a pooling of storage devices or NAS Network Attached Storage simple and standalone file servers on the network.

  6. You have to allow them and click on Update. Now openfiler configuration is have to attach the storage volume to our ESX/ESXi server. To do that login to the ESX /ESXi server using vSphere client. Step – 11In vSphere client Goto to Inventory Configuration Networking. Now you need to add VMkernel to have.

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