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Archie finally decides to come clean about being the source of the gunshot after the cops refused to believe Cheryl.He tells the police officer and the principal about being in the woods that day, but lies about his intentions and Ms. Veronica tells Archie, Kevin, and Betty about her date with Chuck, the football’s coach son and a football/women player himself.She invites Chuck for a meet, the next night, at Ethel’s house because it has a and a hot tub. Andrews catches Archie sneaking back in and they have a confrontation about the dad’s supposed lack of support for his son’s music interest.The next night, Chuck arrives at Ethel’s and is greeted by a charming Veronica.The Pussycats are having some troubles with one of their lyrics and Archie makes a timely suggestion to which the girls actually like. ) and Josie consents to see what Archie can bring to the table.

Archie sneaks out of the house at night to go to Josie’s rehearsal, but she makes it clear that they will not take lyrics from Archie because the band is about their struggles and experiences as “divas of color”, giving him a positive lesson on his privilege as a white man, while pointing out the hate mail her mother, the Mayor, still gets.Veronica checks her Fauxtagram to see a bunch of mean comments left on the picture when Betty asks her to come to the school where she is holding a reunion with a bunch of girls who have been “sticky maple’d” by five out of all the football players.We hear the story of Ethel (played by, spoiler alert, Shannon Purser aka ’ Barb), a girl who helped Chuck with a math problem, but got as reward a story about letting Chuck do sexual stuff with her.She calls it for what it is – slut shaming – and is understandably furious, and wants revenge, asking Betty’s help.The duo march to the boys’ locker room to confront Chuck.Veronica demands the picture to be taken down, but Chuck is in his “territory” and refuses to be intimidated by either of the girls, being his worst fuckboy self, and talking down on her.Jughead goes to talk to the leader Boy Scout, be he is not a lot of help.Ethel takes a former football player, who claims to know where the playbook is, to Betty.At night, Betty, Veronica, Kevin, and Ethel break into the school to get the book and are interrupted by Cheryl who joins in on the fun.Cheryl interrupts Ethel’s story with her usually annoying high-on-attitude-self, calls Veronica “Frida Shallow” – apparently, it’s Mock Veronica’s Eyebrows Week -, spouts a terrible “boys will be boys”, and basically dismisses Ethel’s story that the football players keep score on their “conquests” with a playbook because Jason would have told her about it.Veronica takes the opportunity to take down Cheryl a peg with a pointedly well written female empowering speech and how she will make Chuck pay.


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  2. Feb 7, 2012. Hot New Couple! Mayra Veronica Dating J. Lo's Ex thumbnail. By Radar Staff. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, there's a hot new couple steaming up the Hollywood scene! Hot Latin bombshell/pop singer Mayra Veronica is hooking up with Jennifer Lopez's ex, restauranteur and model Ojani Noa.

  3. Jun 27, 2013. Veronica Mars' mysterious big-screen boyfriend has been identified, and it appears ex marks the spot. RELATED The Veronica Mars Movie 7 Spoilers From the Big-Screen Revival If newly leaked photos from the set of the fan-funded film's set are any indication, Kristen Bell's titular sleuth has.

  4. Sep 20, 2017. Is this really happening. TAYLOR SWIFT GETTING SUED. - Riverdale's KJ Apa and Camila Mendes AKA Archie and Veronica spark IRL.

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