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Throughout Edo Blossoms, Toudou struggles to cope with the changes within Shinsengumi and the rise of Imperial Nationalism in Edo.Eventually, he moves beyond his naivety to reconcile his place in the world and his love for Chizuru.

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DOWNLOAD ITKnown as the “relationship app,” Hinge focuses on “stories, not resumes” and aims for users to develop real relationships that stray from the typical hookup dating apps.

As Hijikata’s Page, Chizuru is not allowed to leave the house on her own, so Yamazaki is often seen with her heading to the market to grab groceries and medical supplies for the Shinsengumi.

His knowledge of medicine helps strengthen his bond with Chizuru.

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  1. My new coworkers are super-weird about potlucks and I don’t like the patriarchy.” Dear Captain, This is a pretty low-stakes question, but I was wondering.

  2. Entertainment. The charity group Kids with Food Allergies posted a warning about a scene from the new film on Facebook.

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