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A researcher who uses carbon dating on ancient times

Apart from sharing the same orientation as the 'Avenue', the specific significance of these stones has defied any traditional explanation by archaeologists in the past as they are unique in British prehistoric architecture.

There are however, two other examples of megalithic quadrangles in Europe, (one at Carnac in France and the other at Xarez in Portugal), both of which share several factors in common: Perhaps significantly, both are also associated with astronomy, alignments, stone-circles and all were positioned at astronomically significant latitudes.

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The discovery another such monument on the supports the idea of an intimate connection between the megliths, the landscape, the visible heavens and the after-life. The 'Heel-stone' is a large upright, un-worked sarsen (hard sandstone) which lies immediately adjacent to the A344 road.

The nearest source of stones of the size represented by the large sarsens at Stonehenge is on the Marlborough Downs, near Extract from Burl - 'The heel-stone is popularly thought to stand in line with the midsummer sunrise but it does not and never did...

Astronomical analysis has shown instead that the stone is in-line with rising of the moon halfway between its northern minor and major positions' This stone is about 21-ft long, un-worked.

Developing accurate C budgets for seagrass meadows is indeed complex; we discuss these complexities, and, in addition, we review techniques and methodologies that will aid development of C budgets.

We also consider a simple process-based data assimilation model for predicting how seagrasses will respond to future change, accompanied by a practical list of research priorities.


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