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Affiliate dating websites

These dating sites are then left searching for alternative traffic sources. What the level of competition should mean is high levels of commission from up and coming dating sites.“Zoosk review” is a keyword that I was surprised with. The type of people who would be searching for this are people who are interested in purchasing a Zoosk subscription.It does seem as if there is a Zoosk affiliate program.Here are the top converting programs ranked by the earnings per unique.Affiliate links for these sites appear in the left bar in the form of industry rankings, and from links from posts on OPW.In addition to regular commissions we offer bonus incentives and special promotions for our affiliates.OPW -- May 28 -- These are the conversions for the affiliate programs that Online Personals Watch makes money from.Given this fact, there is fierce competition from dating sites and apps to get their hands on this money. Affiliate marketing boils down to two things: If you are promoting the products that are most popular, it makes sense that those are the ones that people want to buy.

There is no cap on how much money you can make using our affiliate program.

Join our affiliate program and earn commissions for every signup and upgrade you send us. Once you’ve joined you will have an in-house team of designers and materials to help you make money.

We pay out all affiliates for approved transactions on the 10th of every month.

In other words, "reviews" websites that attempt to use our registered trademark in their URL's will not be accepted in our affiliate program.

Your website cannot defame, libel, or include incorrect information about any other online dating service, or infringe on their trademarks.


  1. If you're interested in earning affiliate commissions, you can earn easy money from a dating affiliate program. Dating sites are very popular these days which makes a dating affiliate program a good opportunity to make money online. Choosing the right dating affiliate program can pay off big time. There's a lot of dating sites.

  2. Partner With a Pioneer and Worldwide Leader In the Online Dating Industry. Trusted Brand. has led to more dates, more relationships and more marriages than any other site. Industry founder. of your site. If you are located outside of the U. S. or Canada, please apply for our UK Affiliate program here.

  3. Feb 8, 2017. The dating and adult affiliate marketing niche is highly competitive - but here is a LOT of money to be made. Here are the biggest. These are just affiliates by the way. You're also going to compete with paid porn sites, the advertisers internal team, and maybe even against the traffic source's internal team.

  4. Run your own online dating service with our turnkey dating software you can have your own white label dating site up and running within minutes. Setup a private and white label dating service with Affiliate Dating.

  5. This surge in online dating has led to a $2.5 billion industry in the USA. People are willing to pay hundreds of dollars per year to find the love of their life or even just a quick fling. Given this fact, there is fierce competition from dating sites and apps to get their hands on this money. That's where affiliate marketing comes in.

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