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Starview keeps updating

Activating "Always Show Tool Hit Location" was pretty much the only way I could tell where I was going wrong, and it goes a long way in teaching you how to more accurately control your farmer.

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It's easy to pass right by your TV in the mornings, but it's worth clicking through the various channels each time you wake up, especially since the game pauses while you read.

Lost Māori Television (Channel 5) and Te Reo (Channel 15)?

That's because there's a new version of these channels, now in HD!

Star Center™ delivers advanced call routing, management, and reporting features.

Star Center™ is scalable from a few users to hundreds of users, and it operates seamlessly across multiple locations.


  1. Improve your call center's performance with StarCenter™ and StarView. With StarCenter™ SMART StarCenter™ Monitoring, Alerting, And Reporting Tool, call center managers have the ability to monitor how well a system is conforming to a series of predefined parameters without constantly watching monitors.

  2. Days ago. In the 1.1 update, Stardew Valley had several new farm maps added. If you've got keen eyes, you may have already noticed the occasional wiggling lines sticking out of the dirt—and if you haven't seen them yet then make sure to keep your eyes peeled, because these worms aren't just decoration.

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