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Female led dating

Start by playing adult games: Research has shown that, participating in adult games is always the first step of turning the wife into a hotwife.

This can begin with couples playing strip poker may be in a club where there are also single men.

The fantasy conversation should lead her to offering sex to another man and as she move towards climax, explicit and dirty talk should be encouraged. Finally those approaches if properly applied; you won’t have hard time of turning her into a hotwife.

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The hotwife equally needs the pleasure and excitement that comes as a result of having new sexual partners.

The fact that she is your wife does not prevent her from enjoying sex with other men.

Then slowly progress to some of the more explicit adult games that involve physical contacts.

This help to get some of her friends to encourage her to do it.

If these kind of adult games are played more often, this will allow the husband getting used of seeing his wife being naked before others, especially before other men.

Secondly, the wife has sought for the husband’s approval towards that direction.

And thirdly, the husband has deeply thought about the issue and do not only want his wife to have sexual intercourse with other men, but also committed to weather the storms that may arise as a result of turning the wife into a hotwife.

And the fact that you are married to her does not mean she should be denied sexual experiences with other men that she used to enjoy before you married her.

But the big question that people normally ask themselves is how they can turn their wives into a hotwife.


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