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He also comes with us to the clinic and we attend support groups together,” she said.

"I will advise that people take their treatment immediately after they find out they have the virus."Mofokeng said her family had rejected her completely after her diagnosis.

He asked for DNA testing to be done and when the results came back showing that the child was his, he remained supportive.

But he had questions about how it was that Mofokeng had contracted the virus, and her family questioned her too.

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All our peer mentors are living with HIV themselves and are trained to provide a comprehensive package of emotional and practical support around all aspects of living with HIV. Facilitated by staff and mentors, the group provides a safe, friendly and welcoming space for you to get peer support, build life skills, have fun and socialise.

Each month focusses on a different theme and we lay on a free lunch! Whether you were diagnosed while pregnant, are having your first child since your diagnosis, living with HIV and planning to get pregnant or a new mum, we can provide emotional and practical support including information about reducing the risk of onward transmission and treatment options.

Lerato Mofokeng, a 36-year-old mother of a four-year-old, was surprised when she and her child were diagnosed with HIV – while her boyfriend of seven years tested negative for the virus.

The HIV test results came as such a shock that her boyfriend demanded that paternity tests be done to ensure that he is the child’s biological father, as he too could not believe the diagnosis.


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