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This is despite the fact that 50 percent of single moms said they were looking for something casual over a relationship.

And only takes a few small tweaks to turn “everyday eating,” into Anabolic Eating. Not even a spritz of lemon in your sparkling water.

So if you’re a guy who wants a massive surge in testosterone…And craves the benefits of more T; like increased sex-drive, greater muscle gains, a leaner, more ripped body, and tons of energy… Instead, you can enjoy an assortment of teas (no honey, sugar, etc), black coffee (my favorite), and plenty of water…Now, most guys don’t know this…

Should you go to a public place and hope that you can catch someone's eye?which is your #1 biological resource for building muscle, having an unstoppable sex drive, and boosting mental focus and energy…Then you need to ditch the “eat every two hours” mentality and become an anabolic man. Which is possible, but will take some mental fortitude. anabolic fasting is proving itself a powerful testosterone boosting strategy. One study published from the University of Virginia Medical School found a simple 24 anabolic fast ramps up your natural growth hormone levels a colossal 2000%…Yep, you read that correctly… Also, as growth hormone increases, so does testosterone.And the party doesn’t stop there…There’s another hormone men want to boost any chance they can get… So it’s a win-win for both of these man-making hormones.Have you tried to go out and meet someone recently? There are so many difficulties involved in the dating process.When you go out and look for someone it is difficult to know where to go.Often times when people are online they get a new sense of bravery and are able to overcome that timid attitude and come forth with their true feelings and interests.In the end there are many advantages to online dating.As far as cities go, single moms in Miami have the greatest chance of being contacted online, which ironically has the lowest odds for single dads to find love.Still, the statistics show single dads have a huge advantage over single moms when it comes to online dating as cities embrace single fathers far more than single mothers who find it tougher, particularly in superficial larger cities.Next up, the best part…Pay close attention because we’re about to do some myth debunking. Because most guys take this opportunity to pack their eight-hour window with tons of protein.After all, popular fitness and bodybuilding magazines have made protein out to be the most “anabolic” macronutrient there is. Because testosterone and high protein diets don’t mix. Although there’s typically no one-size-fits all answer, the majority of men can follow this anabolic macro breakdown for the most potent testosterone boosting results.20% of daily calories are protein 40% of daily calories are carbohydrates 40% of daily calories are fat. You’ve got all the testosterone you need being injected into your butt once a month…Yet if you’re a man over 30…


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