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For Adderall XR, it only is 20mg (officially again) as Shire did studies where 40 and 60mg were not superior to 20mg.

Of course a few clinical studies cant tell us everything and it is within the doctors right to prescribe how he feels.

First let me start off by saying that Im specifically talking about "D-Amphetamine Salt Combo" which as far as I can tell IS Generic Adderall. I have had problems with ADD or ADHD all of my teenage-adult life.

The official labeling say Adderall IR for adult ADHD max dose is 40mg daily, with only rare instances would exceed that.

How hard is it to switch to a different psychiatrist?

If I leave the appointment pissed and with him also pissed at me is he gonna be able to write a reccommendation to my next doctor?

Ive seen people prescribed as much as 120mg of both IR and XR.

Well anything scripted, assuming the doctor isnt some hack who gives anything, is legal.


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