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To get some of the top tourist destinations into your trip you could take the Golden Triangle tour to discover the wonders of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, including the world-renowned Taj Mahal.India tends to attract tourists all year round due to its hot climate, but it is the winter season - November to March - which is most popular with UK travellers, because it offers a cooler temperatures, ideal for sightseeing.Britons are one of the largest constituents of foreign arrivals in India.Hundred thousands of them fly to Indian cities annually.But it is the country's spiritual and cultural impressions that are perhaps the most potent of them all.Millions fly to India every year only to experience the country's unscathed spiritual and cultural ferociousness. There is this astounding wildlife, spectacularly highlighted by the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger; the fabulous natural beauty that has no parallels around the world; and all the modern-day comforts and charms, which are loved by all.Find out more about Rankine's visit to Eastern India.

He booked the popular Golden Triangle tour with Southall Travel and visited some of the country's most famous tourist attractions. Read More Rankine David booked the exciting "Eastern Himalayan Experience" India tour with Southall Travel.

India is a terrific travel destination and has always been a favourite of the tourists seeking a spiritual, cultural or historical tour.

This ancient country has witnessed the rise and fall of many empires and each one of them has left behind a legacy, tangible and intangible, for people to relish.

Having explored the northern and southern parts of India during his earlier visits, Rankine, on this tour, wanted to explore the Himalayan resort, Darjeeling, and Northeast India.

He visited some of the most fascinating places in this part of the country and stayed at few of the most excellent hotels.


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