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Nlp dating techniques

In this example, I need you to remember a time when you were very happy, such as when you won a competition, had your first kiss, or had some really good news.It can be anything you like, as long as it was definitely a very happy moment.) The most obvious example is when one party asks the other about a happy memory.

Even chimps (which I believe are our genetic ancestors) use mirroring within their groups.

Therefore it stands to reason that the more times you lay the anchor (as above) and the more clarity you have in the feeling, the better this technique will work.

We can combine this with plenty of other NLP techniques to make that feeling more clear and vivid, but for now we'll make do. The famous experiment by Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov describes him ringing a bell every time his dogs were fed.

The dogs psychologically associated the experience of eating with the sound of the bell.

Later on, the dogs would start salivating at the mere ringing of the bell.


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